Hoarding, Squatting & Gross Filth

For some people, hoarding is a reality.

Excessive clutter and belongings can build up, resulting in huge amounts of mess that’s simply impossible to clean, in many cases, this can also lead to a range of infections and other illnesses, especially if you have animals living with you.

At Trauma Clean Australia, we’re your local hoarding, squatting and gross filth cleaners. Our experienced cleaning technicians have the training to deal with even the dirtiest habitations in a safe and efficient manner.

If required, we will enter your property with full protective gear, cleaning and decontaminating as much as necessary.

Why Is Hoarding Dangerous?

There are many things that make hoarding dangerous to human health, especially in situations where gross filth has been allowed to take over. In many hoards, mould is prevalent and can lead to a range of respiratory and other problems. Those with compromised immune systems and the elderly are the most at risk.

In some cases, dangerous levels of harmful bacteria can build up as well. These can cause a range of infections and other diseases, especially when rodents are present. Unfortunately, this is all too common. We regularly work to clean hoards and other properties with rodent or insect infestations, taking the required steps to ensure a full decontamination is completed.

We Offer a Range of Cleaning Services

Our team is here to help, regardless of what sort of cleaning service you require. We can deal with everything from biohazardous substances to gross filth and even human waste cleaning, and our experienced team is available 24/7 as required.

Yes, it can be embarrassing to ask for help, but don’t worry. We get it. Sometimes life takes over and you just need a helping hand to get back on your feet and that’s exactly what we’re here for.

In many cases, the cleanup of a hoarding site involves the removal of various hazardous substances to return the property to a habitable condition. Things like built-up filth and debris, rotting food, insect infestations, mould, mildew, bodily fluids, nasty odours and the removal of excessive trash require specialist help, and we have you covered.

Now, understand that all hoards are different, and the cleanup steps required can vary from job to job. We will work alongside you to ensure the correct items are salvaged while we’re removing trash and sanitising the area to ensure it’s safe for future habitation.

Take Advantage of Our Squating and Gross Filth Cleanup Service

We regularly work with landlords who have been left with a house full of rubbish, rotting food and/or human waste. Our cleaning services are available for homeowners, solicitors, hotels, housing associations, and more.

At Trauma Clean Australia, we’re trained in all forms of biohazard remediation, and we can even remove drug paraphernalia and perform meth lab cleanups. And where required, we will take photos and provide a full insurance report.

Our Hoarding, Squatting & Gross Filth services are available in all Australian locations including Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, and Darwin.

Get in contact with our experienced team at your convenience and let us take care of all your cleaning needs!