Deceased Estate Cleanup

Losing a loved one can be an extremely sad and difficult time, even if it was expected.

In many cases, a number of possessions are left behind which you will have to deal with. This process of sorting and packing their loved one’s belongings is a very difficult process.

Here at Trauma Clean Australia, we understand just how hard things can be. Because of this, we offer full deceased estate cleanup services, specialising in sorting things out so you don’t have to.

Deceased Estate Cleanup Services

Our team of experienced cleanup technicians is here to work alongside you to deal with your loved one’s home and belongings. Our comprehensive cleanup service includes everything necessary, including full decontamination and biohazard remediation if required.

On top of this, we understand that many of the possessions left behind will hold a lot of sentimental value. Because of this, we use our most careful, understanding cleaning technicians for any deceased estate cleanups.

We can help with any aspect of the cleaning process, as required. Our custom cleaning solutions are designed to provide the correct service to each and every client. For example, you might decide to give us a list of the items that need to be dealt with. Tell us what you want to do with them, and we’ll sort through them and do what’s necessary.

At the same time, our cleaners will pay attention to any personal or potentially sensitive items, putting them aside for you and your family. Things like photo albums and personal mementos can hold a lot of sentimental value, and we understand that.

To complete the process, our cleaners will attend the property and provide a full cleaning service. Once we’ve finished, your property will be ready for either occupation or sale, as required. And we’ll take care of every step of the process without causing any undue stress for you or your family.

Forensic Cleaning and Biohazard Remediation

In some cases, deceased estates include crime scenes or other biohazardous material. If required, we can remove clean and decontaminate all affected areas. Our team is fully trained in biohazard remediation, and we can even remove hazardous materials or objects and dispose of them appropriately.

Similarly, some deceased estates show signs of hoarding, which often requires specialist cleaning services to fix. If a property has been rendered inhabitable due to a large number of belongings or excessive filth, we can develop an appropriate cleaning solution. We will ensure your loved one’s belongings are handled in a sensitive manner and either returned to you or disposed of as instructed. Once we’ve finished, the property will be restored to a fully habitable condition.

Our Deceased Estate Cleanup services are available in all Australian locations including Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, and Darwin.

Our team of experienced cleaners is available 24/7. Simply call us as required, and one of our on-call cleaning teams will attend your property at your convenience.