Animal Waste Removal

At Trauma Clean Australia, we offer a full range of animal waste cleanup and decontamination services.

We can work in any location affected by any of a number of animals, including rodents, possums, pigeons and any other animals that could be carrying potentially infectious diseases.

Unless you know what you’re doing, it can be extremely risky attempting to clean up animal waste on your own. It can be home to a huge range of nasty bacteria and viruses which can make you seriously ill if the correct precautions aren’t taken. To ensure you and your family remain safe, we highly recommend using a professional to take care of all your animal waste cleaning needs.

It’s important to realise that some animal waste products can pose significantly more risk than others. Seek help from an experienced biohazard cleanup team when dealing with:

  • Possum or bat droppings.
  • Dog or cat faeces or urine.
  • Large amounts of rat, mouse or other rodent droppings.
  • Cleanups involving a significant amount of domestic animal waste.
  • Pigeon and other bird droppings in large amounts.
  • Decomposing animals and animal waste.

If you’re not careful, you could find yourself facing a significant health risk.

What Are the Risks of Exposure to Animal Waste?

Waste from a wide range of different animals can have significant negative effects on human health and well being. Built-up faeces and urine can harbour numerous pathogens causing severe infections or diseases, including:

Hantavirus – These viruses are often carried by rodents, including rats and mice. They can be transmitted to humans through direct contact with animals or their waste. And what’s more, breathing in airborne particles can also lead to infection.

Salmonellosis – One of the most common illnesses caused by Salmonella bacteria is food poisoning, which can have potentially serious effects. Salmonella is carried by a range of bird species, including pigeons and domesticated birds, and it can be passed directly to humans through contact with their waste.

Hemorrhagic fever – Some rodents carry hemorrhagic fever, which can be transmitted to people through exposure to the saliva, urine or faeces of affected animals. This disease is very infectious, and can even be transmitted by contact with broken skin and the mucous membranes.

Histoplasmosis – This is caused by a fungus that grows in pigeon waste. If particles carrying the fungus are inhaled, an infection can result.

Take Advantage of Our Hazardous Animal Waste Cleaning Service

Our team at Trauma Clean Australia will work alongside you to safely remove all animal waste from affected areas. We use industry-accepted decontamination procedures to remove all potential pathogens, as well as nasty odours.

Our Animal Waste Removal services are available in all Australian locations including Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, and Darwin.

We’re available 24/7 to help you deal with emergency situations. Our animal waste cleanup technicians will work fast and efficiently to return your property or workplace to a safe condition so you can get on with your life.